Our Visitors and Study Stays of CTD Members Abroad




The results of international cooperation were summarized in numerous joint papers with foreign colleagues. The department members visited numerous universities and research instituted in abroad, the following scientists were guests in department:

  Study Stays:

  1. P. Sindelarova: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North
    Carolina, USA.
  2. P. Augusta: School of Electronics and Computer Science, University
    of Southampton, UK.
  3. B. Rehak: study stay, TTU (Tallinna Tehnikaulikool), Kuberneetika Instituut, Akadeemia tee 21, 12618 Tallinn..
  4. B. Rehak: study stay, University of Nagoya, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Japan.

International Cooperation

Members of the Department participate in joint research with their
colleagues from Universities and Institututes in:

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